Get Me Off this Damn Thing!!!

img_0569The Emotional Roller Coaster.  The constant ups and downs; extreme highs and the lowest of lows. You alternate between exhilarated and devastated; passionate and detached.

How did you get on the damn roller coaster in the first place?


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Whatever You Feed Gets Stronger 


Whatever you feed gets stronger!

We feed our emotional system all day long.

The brain has a thought and the thought produces a feeling. Feed the brain with positive thoughts and positivity blooms. Feed it negative thoughts and negativity bellows. In fact, the negativity grows like you’ve added some serious steroids! Why is it unbalanced?

Humans tend to recall negative information far more often than positive information. It’s related to our hard wiring; a primal instinct.  If you don’t remember to hide from T-Rex, you’re not going to live very long! Fire burns. Keep Momma happy and so on.  Continue reading

The Thrill is in the Hunt

The Thrill is in the Hunt

I love to shop at thrift stores, garage sales and consignment stores for clothing and home furnishings.  I know what I don’t want and I’ll know what I want when I see it.  Makes sense, right?  Lucky me, it was half price day at one of my favorites stores.

There it was, calling to me, from the “ART” section.

Twilight in the desert

A lonely stretch of road; illuminated by a single vehicle

A Kenmore Mack truck lights up the barren sky

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My Favorite Things: a gifting guide

My Favorite Things:  a gifting guide

This is what I know.  There are three important things that I can give you, whether you are a loved one or a total stranger.  Can you guess what they are?  No fancy wrapping paper is required and it won’t break the bank yet the impact of these gifts can last a lifetime.  This is the most exquisite gift I can give you!  And when the gift is reciprocated, you will feel awesome!

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My Wellness Plan

My Wellness Plan

Today it seems like every single commercial on the TV and radio was about weight loss, anti-aging  or plastic surgery.  I swear, it is not my imagination!   I,ve not hearing a single commercial suggesting we learn to thrive in life and love who we are!  Nope, NOT one!

What would the world be like if we focused on getting our mental health in shape as much as our physical health and appearance? Continue reading