Get Me Off this Damn Thing!!!

img_0569The Emotional Roller Coaster.  The constant ups and downs; extreme highs and the lowest of lows. You alternate between exhilarated and devastated; passionate and detached.

How did you get on the damn roller coaster in the first place?


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There’s a New Voice in Town!

2017-05-24 22.13.36
I believe in getting familiar with all of the voices in my head.  You might remember me mentioning some of them in previous posts.  I “humanize” these voices – not sure that anyone ever told me to do that but it made perfect sense to me.  I want to meet “face to face” with Penny  Perfectionist, Bitchy Becky, Anxious Abbie and the rest of that motley crew who contribute to the negative banter. My Girlfriend Voice lives with those mean girls and helps to keep them in check.

This weekend a new Voice had her debut. Let’s call her Warrior Woman. Rather than REACTING,  she RESPONDS from a place of power and passion. She is not to be silenced or shunned.  She is a fierce Momma – unleashed to lead and educate. It’s extra cool that this happens to be my 100th post!  Continue reading

Confession of Part-time Hater

Sometimes I purchase wine because I like the label. Sometimes I chose a book based on the title so when I picked up, “It’s Hard Not to Hate You”, by Valerie Frankel, I didn’t realize what a gem I had on my hands. This is a story of emotional cleansing – something that each one of us can (or should!) relate to. It’s funny, laugh out loud honesty. She covers jealousy, hate, disappointment, marriage, career, parenting and death, and oh, just about everything else in between.

What I appreciated most about her book was the rawness. Life is damn funny when you slow down long enough to put your ego aside. This book is wonderful!!

I confess I have tried to burst a few people into flames with my mind or held a grudge for reasons long forgotten but admit this tom foolery to the world in print?? Wait, RUH ROH? My blog is “print” and although I don’t mention real names to protect the identity of the damned, I do share a great deal about my personal life. RUH ROH is right! Continue reading

Christmas Crisis

In the bank parking lot yesterday, a car was backing up not realizing there was a woman walking directly behind them.  I grabbed the woman’s arm, saying “watch out!” and pulled her out of danger.  Was she thankful?  No.  She uttered a monotone response “…..please, I know” as she brushed off her sweater.  Please what?  Please save my life on another day?  And you know “what” exactly?  Obviously you don’t know that those little back up lights mean steer clear of a moving car’s blind spot.  Next time I will let you live the consequence of your stupidity.

Cara Ann, what kind of example is that of your Christmas spirit? I’m busted.  The truth is that there are days when I am tired of being an adult.  Or should I say, I am tired of being responsible.  I am tired of thinking before I speak.  Being nice is seriously overrated.  I have exhausted my charm, my patience and my goodwill.  Today is one of those days.

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Pause. Invite. Appreciate. Share. Repeat!

Pause. Invite. Appreciate. Share. Repeat!

I was sitting in the airport last week, focused on a six year old boy playing with his Dad.  This boy, I’ll call him Junior, was adorable—wearing those shoes that light up when you walk.  I fathom he had on a new outfit and his backpack was full of action figures and snacks.  If I had to guess, the young Dad, sporting a 5 o’clock shadow, had probably worked the night shift before picking up Junior for the trip.

As we waited to depart, Junior was bouncy, silly and delightful.  Dad could barely keep his eyes open so Junior decided it was time for a joke, then a song, or wait let me tell you about school, and so on.   He reminded me of the finches at my bird feeder.   Constant chatter.  Constant movement.

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BAM!! Yummy goes to Crummy

BAM! Yummy goes to Crummy

I woke up with a hangover.  Let me clarify.  I have a chocolate cake hangover.  One piece of chocolate cake and I have a “CAKEOVER” in the morning!!!  Is that a good thing or a bad thing?  I am still weighing the pros and cons of that question.

I know I am not supposed to eat junk food but every once in a while I crave a slice of rich, delicious chocolate fudge cake from my local grocery store.  I savor each heavenly bite of that four by four by four inch square.  Twelve hours later and the payback sets in.  CAKEOVER HEADACHE!  Yummy goes to crummy real fast.  Continue reading