As Promised!

My supportive, wise inner voice!

My positive, supportive, wise inner voice!  She is my advocate.  She is invested in the “authentic me”.

As Promised!

Last week I wrote about how I wanted to find an image to illustrate the concept of My Girlfriend Voice.  Here is how I see this wonderfully positive, supportive and wise woman who resides in my Soul.  This is what I see today and perhaps the look will change with the seasons……. Putting a face with a name helps me connect with her!

What does your Girlfriend Voice look like?

In this moment, she is telling you that you are beautiful and everything you need to be.  You are good enough.  You are a gift to the world!  Can you hear her speaking to you?

From the heart,



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Getting By With a Little Help From My “FRIENDS”

You can always tell how out of control my life feels by the number of organizing projects I complete in a week.  For instance, there is something intensely satisfying after I clean my desk drawer, delete useless computer files or organize a closet.  It is only Saturday night (yes, I chose to stay home and clean!) and I’ve run out of things to organize while chaotic worries jump around in my brain.  Tomorrow I am going to move to my “creative projects” like the amazingly funky dresser I bought for $15.  Once I clean it up and paint it, I’ll move it into my home office – then I can re-organize for another full day!

I joke with my therapist saying how good my silverware drawer looks after an emotional week.  Organizing my silverware drawer is a technique I use when my emotions are spiraling out of control.  I line up the forks, spoons and knives in pretty fashion and ten minutes later they lie there like little compliant soldiers.  Whatever was bothering me seems long gone.  You may call this crazy but I don’t care — it’s simple and it works.

I can’t control the people and situations in my life but I can control the heck out of my flatware! Continue reading

Did I Just Say That????

ImageDid I Just Say That????

Dang I can be brillant!  Have you ever have one of those moments, smack dab in the middle of a conversation, where you say something so amazing that you have to pause and write down your own words?  I had one of those recently when chatting with one of my girlfriends!!!

Here is my illuminating moment….. “When it comes to the people in your life, you are either on the same wavelength or you complement one another like Ying and Yang”.  If a relationship requires too much fixing, thinking, wishing, primping, etc., then hey, what’s up?  Why invest so much energy?

Continue reading

Advice? It’s an Artform.

Advice?  It’s an Artform

ADVICE.  It sounds like a simple topic yet giving and receiving advice is a mine field or should I say MIND field which potentially disables otherwise healthy relationships.

Think back to the last time you received unsolicited advice.  I bet it didn’t feel good regardless of the topic.   As soon as I hear “YOU SHOULD”, my hackles go up.  I stop listening.  It’s like you’re holding my arms down and force feeding me worms.  Stop already!  I am super sensitive to you know-it-all “do gooders” that try to tell me what to do! Continue reading

My Sadness is a Verb not a Noun

My Sadness is a Verb not a Noun

“Scratch her and she’ll bleed sadness.”  Wouldn’t that be a great opening line for a novel?  Truth is stranger than fiction.  This is my story.

When I feel sadness, I am immediately fearful.  Is this the sadness that feels like a wet fur coat in July?  Is it the same sadness that sat on my chest and poked me until I cried?  No.  This is different.  My current sadness is a verb; not a noun. Continue reading

When I Count My Blessings I Count You Twice


When I Count My Blessings I Count You Twice

I have a plaque with this phrase hanging by my front door.  Every time I come and go, I am reminded that my blessings outweigh my struggles. Focus on the good stuff—–

Lately I’ve had to remind myself of my many blessings because the past two weeks have been hell– laden with struggles.  I am being tested! My Girlfriend Voice consoles me and agrees with my plan.  In order to take care of myself, I will pull back on my social commitments and activities. I tell myself, “Put on your oxygen mask first before assisting another passenger”.  Slow down.  Recalibrate. Listen to your body. Indulge in a little self-care. Continue reading