Have you forgotten your beauty?


Girlfriend, you are so accustomed to your features that you forget just how beautiful you are to strangers!

Beauty stems from shining bright and living unapologetically!

Beauty isn’t defined by age, dress size or color.

Beauty is confidence.

Be YOU and you’ll be beautiful! ❤️

From the heart,


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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…..

2015-05-05 21.12.11

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most self-critical of them all?  Me, me, me!!!

Recently I was asked if I would emcee a local event.  What may be a frightening role to many, lands me well within my comfort zone.  I really shine in this capacity, thank you to my high school teacher and acting coach Mr. Bashara.  I have deeper fears than public speaking but that is whole nuther ball of wax!

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I have an army or critical voices in my head.  If I had to put a body to these voices, it would look like an ugly bottom feeding creature that never sees the light of day.  Negative thought energizes the creature; the family of creatures then energize each other.  They feed on my fears, blow up in size and bellow familiar tunes.  It’s familiar melody.  This is an oldies station repetitively playing the classic tunes I have carried since childhood.

My playlist includes:

  1. “You are not good enough”
  2. “Who do you think you are?”
  3. “Stupid, stupid, stupid”.

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Six Little Old Minutes

When I entered high school, I had very little coordination and hated to run anywhere except to the JC Penny sale rack but I wanted more than anything to be an athlete. The thought of playing on a team was likely my ticket to “coolville” because being smart was often a lonely place. Basketball was out—too much running. Softball required being outside which in Michigan could mean snow or tropical heat in the same week. I chose volleyball. The lesser-est of all evils!

Initially the practices were killer but I loved the camaraderie and the sense of complete physical exhaustion. I felt so cool or should I say FOXY wearing my knee pads around my ankles with short gym shorts!! I was relieved when I didn’t make the starting line-up, I still got to wear a uniform, but I was TERRIFIED of looking bad and/or making mistake. I sucked at volleyball and as I became more and more uncomfortable, there was only one solution.   Continue reading

So Sadness Enhances Creativity?

So Sadness Enhances Creativity?

I was listening to a radio interview on the topic of creativity and one   statement stuck in my brain.  Four days later and I’m still thinking about the theory that sad people are the most creative people.  At first I thought of tortured artists like Van Gough and Pollack but weren’t they dealing with more than mere sadness?  OK, perhaps I am getting too analytical.

When I was sad, I didn’t feel the creative spirit pouring out of me.  I was tired and cried all the time.  My most creative venture was getting dressed—if there was anything clean to wear! If I was really creative I could a make dinner out of supplies in the pantry.

Why would sadness unleash creativity?  My theory is that the INNER CRITIC voice may be dampened to the degree that creativity sees an opening and feels safe to explore.  Continue reading

Hot Spots!!

Hot Spots!!

I can’t remember feeling this happy in a very long time so of course, I don’t want the weekend to end.  This weekend I was celebrating my birthday with friends.  Lydia made me a tiara that said, “Nothing could be finer than to be a 49er!”  Yes indeed, I’m feeling FINE at forty nine!

I did however have a moment where my Girlfriend Voice had to kick my butt.  Simone and I were looking at photos and my eyes immediately went to, dare I even admit this, to my stomach and my arms.  Yes, I forgot the joy on my face.  Yes, I forgot what was captured in the moment.  I bet you this.  Every single person reviewing photos did the same exact thing when they looked at their own image.

Did any of the ten people in the room even notice that I had a muffin top? Certainly no one felt nauseous when I took my sweater off to reveal bare arms. No one lost their appetite because of my wiggly jigglies!  It is all in my mind’s eye. Continue reading