Have you forgotten your beauty?


Girlfriend, you are so accustomed to your features that you forget just how beautiful you are to strangers!

Beauty stems from shining bright and living unapologetically!

Beauty isn’t defined by age, dress size or color.

Beauty is confidence.

Be YOU and you’ll be beautiful! ❤️

From the heart,


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Cutting Down the Tall Poppies

mulesandmilanosCutting Down the Tall Poppies

You may be able to relate to these thoughts.  You are at your exercise class and you can’t help but zero in on the one person present that doesn’t seem to sweat.  Her moves are effortless, completely graceful and actually beautiful to observe.   I on the other hand grab a sweat rag because I drip rather than glow as soon as I exert any effort!  For a few seconds I think I hate that seemingly tight bodied perfect woman!

A few more seconds go by and I stop hating her as my thoughts lighten and move toward gratitude.  I feel a sense of awe at her dedication and while I know nothing of her personal story, she works hard at staying healthy.  I applaud her.  I am inspired by her.  I want to be more like her! I’m in love with the perfect girl!

But what if I didn’t let my hateful feelings evaporate?  My stinging annoyance would build into burning resentment and soon all of my thinking would be TOXIFIED.  Unknowingly, the woman becomes the target of my rage – the dartboard for my dart.  Continue reading

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…..

2015-05-05 21.12.11

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most self-critical of them all?  Me, me, me!!!

Recently I was asked if I would emcee a local event.  What may be a frightening role to many, lands me well within my comfort zone.  I really shine in this capacity, thank you to my high school teacher and acting coach Mr. Bashara.  I have deeper fears than public speaking but that is whole nuther ball of wax!

Continue reading

Hot Spots!!

Hot Spots!!

I can’t remember feeling this happy in a very long time so of course, I don’t want the weekend to end.  This weekend I was celebrating my birthday with friends.  Lydia made me a tiara that said, “Nothing could be finer than to be a 49er!”  Yes indeed, I’m feeling FINE at forty nine!

I did however have a moment where my Girlfriend Voice had to kick my butt.  Simone and I were looking at photos and my eyes immediately went to, dare I even admit this, to my stomach and my arms.  Yes, I forgot the joy on my face.  Yes, I forgot what was captured in the moment.  I bet you this.  Every single person reviewing photos did the same exact thing when they looked at their own image.

Did any of the ten people in the room even notice that I had a muffin top? Certainly no one felt nauseous when I took my sweater off to reveal bare arms. No one lost their appetite because of my wiggly jigglies!  It is all in my mind’s eye. Continue reading